1. All Together Now
    AMPLIFY 2020: quarantine

  2. The Rain of Applause
    Maria Chavez

  3. Wisdom Teeth
    Steve Flato

  4. Air drums Aug 17 2020
    Dale Gorfinkel

  5. una grammatica dell'ornamento
    Double Goocher Shop (Renato Grieco/MP Hopkins)

  6. for a friend
    Grisha Shakhnes

  7. For some odd reason
    Kate Carr

  8. Full Super Moon
    Anna Zaradny

  9. Jestem życiem
    Robert Piotrowicz

  10. vienna_4am
    Klaus Filip

  11. Comme de loin et encore
    Clara de Asis

  12. AM/FM LV
    Cody Brant

  13. Busretten
    Denial Löwenbrück

  14. Shapes, Patterns, Echoes
    John Mills-Cockell

  15. NYCIND
    Geoff Gersh

  16. Waymaking
    Dave Quam

  17. Loren
    Gil Sansón

  18. Tithing
    Victoria Shen

  19. Horn
    id m theft able

  20. Taste Rite
    Seymour Wright

  21. Not eating crow
    Greg Kelley

  22. Melodyharp
    Ilan Volkov

  23. Àdhuc
    LLUMM (Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ferran Fages)

  24. submusicasawaytocontainanabstractionwhithinitsownlimitation
    Julien Ottavi

  25. stasis duo 08/06/20
    stasis duo (Adam Sussmann/Matt Earle)

  26. Stone Sketch
    Áine O'Dwyer

  27. Y’s Clocks and Radios
    Clare Cooper

  28. right matt earle 08/06/20
    Matt Earle

  29. left adam sussmann 08/06/20
    Adam Sussmann

  30. affinity to infinity (for C.F.)
    Marcus Schmickler

  31. mystery of erasure (22 august 2020)
    Reinier van Houdt

  32. Bed of Nails
    Sarah Hennies

  33. unearthed
    Jenn Grossman

  34. Deep Wavefolding Preset
    Eric Laska

  35. I am not coming for singing to you
    Jun-Y Ciao

  36. All Things to All People
    Clayton Thomas

  37. Guitar and Turntables
    Otomo Yoshihide

  38. 20082020
    Sachiko M

  39. For Cor
    Jim Denley

  40. Going Nowhere (Unstable Stereo Circuit)
    Joe Colley

  41. If it can be missed it can be made
    Theresa Smith

  42. Hail Obliteration
    Matthew Revert

  43. edge and air, me and you

  44. Florida (850)
    Brandon Locher

  45. Lubender
    Will Montgomery

  46. Out The Back of Turramurra - Duo, not Duo
    Cor Fuhler/Nick Ashwood

  47. Kupchino (solo for Jon)
    Denis Sorokin

  48. bardo for Cor (22 july 2020)
    Reinier van Houdt

  49. pendulum movement
    Sergio Merce

  50. Bath Time (2nd Edit)
    Martin Kay

  51. cezve rock
    crys cole

  52. Indoor Living
    Raymond Cummings

  53. I Love America, America Loves Me
    Rolando Hernández

  54. Patty Live June
    Asha Sheshadri

  55. AMPLIFY July 2020
    Brendan Murray

  56. The Ganges
    Shira Legmann

  57. The Window of Kamishibai
    Fangyi Liu

  58. vestige one
    Julia Reidy

  59. For Keith Rowe
    David Kirby

  60. Mikado
    Ekkehard Ehlers feat. Dean Roberts

  61. #12 (cinabrio)
    Gudinni Cortina

  62. Vicinity
    Phil Durrant

  63. Further Fields, or Close
    Chris Goudreau

  64. Schreber's Nightmare
    Arden Day

  65. 200714
    William Hutson

  66. Your Bones Will Be My Home
    Alice Kemp

  67. Angolazioni Inusuali Della Tua Camera Da Letto
    Valerio Tricoli

  68. Skovsholm 0620
    Thomas Ankersmit

  69. Rain Drop Mutation
    Ryu Hankil

  70. [12][A]123|123[F]
    John McCowen

  71. good as gold
    Joe Talia

  72. 6pm autopilot
    Jin Sangtae

  73. Negative
    Li Qing

  74. Corona Wolf and Hennings homemade orchestra
    Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen

  75. SAL's Nu Edition
    Charmaine Lee

  76. 6am autopilot
    Jin Sangtae

  77. a song for Y. Z.
    Ryoko Akama

  78. homework
    Zhao Cong

  79. Empire Wreckage
    Joe Panzner/Mike Shiflet

  80. fans+ (four, q)
    Ben Owen

  81. you have to rehearse your presentation, practice completing within the time limits allowed
    Vanessa Rossetto

  82. For Simon H. Fell
    Rhodri Davies

  83. Letting Go
    Richard Garet

  84. acts within time
    Seth Cluett

  85. tummypen42
    Oren Ambarchi/Robbie Avenaim

  86. The Dominion of Din
    Mark Vernon

  87. skies waves trails (22 june 2020)
    Reinier van Houdt

  88. vague language
    Kevin Corcoran

  89. ryan road vestibule
    Vic Rawlings

  90. victory day
    Zhong Minjie

  91. night and morning interleaved
    Anthony Guerra

  92. GF SUC
    Keith Rowe

  93. lines 2
    Taku Sugimoto

  94. Transcriptions of a New Zealand seaside bach (20 March - 1 July 2020)
    Johnny Chang

  95. Carnival
    Yu Yiyi

  96. redacted
    JP Jenkins

  97. Keith Tippett : In Memoriam
    Mark Wastell

  98. nconagh
    David Lacey

  99. Washing Machine
    Choi Joonyong

  100. Sur Place/Staying
    Anne-F Jacques/Tim Olive

  101. give me some space
    Madoka Kouno

  102. read out

  103. fragment study for inter-spatia
    Catherine Lamb

  104. An Occurrence In Quarantine
    Manabu Suzuki

  105. Qualia/Cosmos
    Bryan Eubanks

  106. Quarantine Child
    Moniek Darge

  107. L'ignorance
    Lionel Marchetti

  108. Tai Pi
    Michael Pisaro-Liu

  109. No
    Derek Baron

  110. Civil Twilight
    Samuel Ekkehardt Dunscombe

  111. im not a bad person but...
    claire rousay

  112. Preambula
    Sholto Dobie

  113. Whispering Distance
    Maile Costa Colbert

  114. horizon without traveler (22 may 2020)
    Reinier van Houdt

  115. In the heat it will magically go away
    Tim Feeney

  116. a state of enclosure
    Stephen Cornford

  117. Matrix Multiplication Work 2
    Li Weisi

  118. Would You Stay Here Forever
    Yan Jun

  119. listening, for awhile (glass)
    Alexandra Spence

  120. Houston Gravity
    Sandy Ewen

  121. No Makeup
    Bill Nace

  122. Amplified
    Éric La Casa

  123. Untitled (May 2020)
    Giuseppe Ielasi

  124. No Relation
    Steve Beresford/David Toop

  125. an organ
    Stefan Thut

  126. Duo for Ulcer and Throat
    Matthew Revert

  127. It Doesn't Mean Anything
    Sun Yizhou

  128. Love will make us
    Kevin Parks

  129. ritual out of order
    Devin DiSanto

  130. Zoom Meeting
    People Skills

  131. on every stair another stairway is set in negative
    Kate Carr

  132. Traces of Friction
    Marja Ahti

  133. I woke up this morning and Richard Penniman was gone
    Lance Austin Olsen

  134. The Juggler (an imaginary play about Robert Lax)
    Brent Fariss

  135. The Feckless Dreamer
    Jason Lescalleet

  136. carpet
    Rie Nakajima

  137. Here We All Are (Lucier mix)
    Cathy Lane

  138. cutter
    Jeph Jerman

  139. In new constellations
    Feronia Wennborg

  140. to make a virtue of clumsy, drunken sins
    Lee Patterson

  141. The sound of objects helps me remember
    Heather Frasch

  142. List of Words List of Sounds
    Jürg Frey

  143. Terrace
    James Rushford

  144. 10pm Eternal
    Joel Stern

  145. Till The Storms of Life Pass Us By
    Dave Quam

  146. Since I Don't Know When
    Joe Foster

  147. An Hour is a Sea
    Bonnie Jones

  148. Nimb #61
    Toshimaru Nakamura

  149. Cave outside of which
    Kiera Mulhern

  150. 20200503
    Utah Kawasaki

  151. Droned Distancing

  152. In A Tissue
    Sarah Hughes

  153. Night Moves
    Christian Mirande

  154. "The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today."
    Jérôme Noetinger

  155. lost in my dreams, a nightmare maybe
    Delphine Dora

  156. unwritten music
    Anastassis Philippakopoulos

  157. First Things First

  158. in & out of my place (my amplifier has an annoying hum that needs to be taken care of)
    Makoto Oshiro

  159. Claustric to crystal

  160. Chicken Traces
    Aaron Dilloway

  161. Elle a traversé deux fois la même rivière
    Marc Baron

  162. April 15th 2020
    Lasse Marhaug

  163. Music for crawling inside a costume
    Benedict Drew

  164. 41 containers

  165. To make a little more with a little less
    Francisco Meirino

  166. vibibib
    bbob drake

  167. friction sleep maze (22 april 2020)
    Reinier van Houdt

  168. A Sea Minded Man
    Joda Clément

  169. Konstruktion#4: Corona Variations
    Annette Krebs

  170. she attempts to amplify things and quite likes it
    Ryoko Akama

  171. Essential Work
    Bob Bellerue

  172. Primary Material for Failure One
    Nate Wooley

  173. Quarantine Butterfly
    Moniek Darge

  174. Peninsula Samba
    Mark Groves

  175. Q
    Kevin Drumm

  176. I'm drinking coffee while listening to a sound I made yesterday
    Takahiro Kawaguchi

  177. Plus nulz regretz (Three Times)
    Nick Hoffman

  178. Music From Box File
    Hardworking Families

  179. Shots From A Room
    Tom Carter

  180. Space Age Radio Love Song
    Rick Reed

  181. Open
    Zhu Wenbo

  182. demo, unfinished
    Mike Shiflet

  183. You are my sunshine/dead
    Adam Sonderberg

  184. a time of fragments
    Gil Sansón

  185. the idiot dictator drifts on the lake
    Taku Unami

    Leif Elggren

  187. Antechamber
    Margarida Garcia

  188. Piece for AMPLIFY2020 quarantine Parts I & II
    Peter Rehberg

  189. ties two Facts together

  190. Present at Outset
    Greg Stuart

  191. Souvenirs
    Sean Meehan

  192. Snails in Clay
    Graham Lambkin

  193. Razne
    Romain Perrot

  194. Wiping Down Bottles Of Alcohol With Alcohol So You Can Drink The Alcohol
    Matt Krefting

  195. Kick the Watchwords
    MP Hopkins

  196. Outside In
    Burkhard Beins

  197. an assemblage / construct for 45 voices
    Keith Rowe

  198. Sense Of Touch
    Michael Foster

  199. Out Of Thin Air
    Manja Ristić

  200. Waking version of the hidden room dream (for nodding off)
    Mike Bullock

  201. Raum als Zeit
    Lucio Capece

  202. Please
    Alec Livaditis

  203. Covid 5
    Mark Harwood

  204. Sanctuary
    Ivan Palacký

  205. Not Going Anywhere
    Jason Lescalleet

  206. The Snake on Its Tail / The Furthest Farthest
    David Grubbs

  207. Democracy

  208. I'll tell ya, you will be absolutely amazed at how many people wait until the l-
    id m theft able

  209. Splinters, rattle
    Greg Kelley

  210. Outer Cape Sojourn
    Michael Rosenstein

  211. I Am Sitting In A Room
    Theresa Smith

  212. in the 90s people made music like this and released it on CD
    Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson

  213. A Salt-Set Seal (for Carole Chant)
    Fergus Kelly

  214. 29III2020
    Andrea Pensado

  215. Sickness surrounded by avenues of silence
    Daniel Jones

  216. perhaps at some time you have acted in a play, even if it was when you were a child
    Vanessa Rossetto

  217. Midway through this recording, my dad called to make sure i knew the NY Philharmonic had cancelled their performance of Mahler’s “Resurrection” symphony that we had a pair of tickets to attend a few weeks from now
    Richard Kamerman

  218. Overton
    Seth Cooke

  219. days collapse days collapse night
    Judith Hamann

  220. Nidoto nai yoni
    Alan Jones

  221. whether they have foundered, whether they have anchored
    radio cegeste

  222. Turntable Music (for those who can't go out)
    Leo Okagawa

  223. Theatre
    Jon Dale

  224. drift nowhere past (22 march 2020)
    Reinier van Houdt

  225. Something to Do
    Howard Stelzer

  226. I Am In Awe Of It And It Is In Awe Of Me
    John Collins McCormick

  227. 40 Nights and 40 Days
    Mike Cooper

  228. family
    David Kirby

  229. metaphor at a distance
    Clara de Asís

  230. the lesser the water the firmer the jelly
    Grisha Shakhnes

  231. froberger - affligée et tombeau (repeated)
    Antoine Beuger

  232. Interregnum
    Joe Panzner

  233. Dr Mesmer's Seance for the Cure of Hysteria
    Andie Brown

  234. The Golden Age
    Arek Gulbenkoglu

  235. Proximity Effects
    Simon Whetham

  236. I Swallowed A Modular Synth
    Mazen Kerbaj

  237. The Gentle Enemy
    Matthew Revert

  238. Now We Have All The Time In The World
    Yan Jun

    Mariam Rezaei

  240. Arbeiter
    Victoria Shen

  241. For Stephane
    Will Guthrie


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